Message from Group Managing Director

Message from the Group Managing Director
Mr. Chiah Hock Yew

We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation for your generous and continuous support to HYChiah Group.

Since the inception in 1997, HYChiah Group has grown by leap and bounds from a local gold and jewellery manufacturer in the northern part of Malaysia to an integrated infrastructure construction and leading marketer and distributor of palm oil in local and international palm oil industry.

The success story could not have been possible without the invaluable support from our customers and the concerted effort and diligent performance of the management and staff of HYChiah Group that have led us become one of the leading multi trading and manufacturing of multi industry in this region.

HYChiah Group is built on values that its success in business. We strongly believe that in order to be success, we must able to adapt to changes and respond positively to feedbacks to meet the challenges of today’s customer needs. We must make rapid transition with more dynamism by moving beyond mere stereotyped manufacturing and continuing development. At HYChiah Group, we pursue continuous products development and innovation to enhance productivity and cost competitiveness to ensure business efficiency and relevance.

As caring and environmental conscious, HYChiah Group places special emphasis on environmental care and safety. It has brought another ECO friendly product for the agriculture solution. It is our on-going endeavor to ensure safety our workers and preservation of our environment. We believe that our most valuable asset is our workers. Their health and safety are our main concern while a conducive environment contributes to productivity.

We are confident that with our commitment to product excellence that has made the company synonymous with high quality products and unrivalled customer service.

Thank you.

Chiah Hock Yew
Group Managing Director