CHY Resources

CHY Resources Sdn Bhd

CHY Resources Sdn Bhd was established on 29th November 2007. The Company core business is commercial and factory cleaningservices. Since then, the Company has gained invaluable andexperiences dealing with factories, offices and complexes for an everincreasing pool of satisfied clients.
We have expanded in several areas of our expertise in cleaning for:

  • Commercial cleaning services, customized for service hospitality industry such as hotels, resorts and entertainment outlets.
  • Commercial cleaning and janitorial services for factories.
  • Contract cleaning such as carpet extraction system, marble floor grinding and polishing, and other professional cleaning on all type of surfaces.

Our obligation is to provide quality and dependable service with high efficiency. We have a team of disciplined, reliable and hardworking employees to make sure that every job is carried and to the highest standards. Our employees will always keep in mind the “Safety First” practice at every workplace and CHY Resources Sdn Bhd also has personnels that will make sure that the employees are adhering to the clients’ company protocol. This is to ensure that everything is carried out orderly and there will be no arising issues in the future.